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About Us

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Alb Expeditions was founded with a strong desire to create an eco-clean, authentic, and responsible travel experience. We offer travelers another way how they see the world and places they visit. Traveling to the heart of the communities we experience their daily life, unique customs and traditions. Responsible travel, traveler safety and quality service are our core priorities.

Nature lovers and adventurous travelers, we are on the front line protecting Mother Nature. Traveling to far-off, unexplored locations, we care about the environment and local culture. Visiting places that have been but abandoned has changed the way the locals view their life and all this has affected locals to come back and revitalize the area again, fanatic to their culture and traditions have inspired us to protect and preserve their way of life.

Our Tours

At Alb Expeditions tours are created by building relationships with local people and communities, and the benefit goes directly to the people and places we visit. Itineraries carefully designed by our experts with an expertise in local knowledge, exploring most breathtaking destinations, visiting these places we want you to have the best you can get. Some of our tours will take you to very remote areas unique for their tradition, culture, cuisine, and the way of life which has remained unchanged for centuries where you will easily feel like you are traveling back in time.

When you travel with us you are playing a key role in the survival and the future of local communities. All together we give to the people hope and courage that YES it is possible to build a future for them, for their families, and for the community they belong to. Minimizing negative impacts as much as we can and maximizing positive impact to the people and nature is one of our priorities.   

When you go back home, tell about your experience and the places you visited, about people and their traditions, culture, cuisine, and their lifestyle. Tell it how you have seen it in your eyes – we urge you to. Please tell us how we have done, your feedback is valuable to us.