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Booking Terms & Conditions

By booking or participating in a tour and any related products or services (a “Tour”) with Albexpeditions (Tour Operator, us, we) you (“you”) agree to these Terms & Conditions (the “Terms”).

By booking a Tour you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by these Terms. If you make a booking on behalf of other participants, you guarantee that you have the authority to accept and do accept these Terms on behalf of the other participants in your party.

1. The booking contract

A Contract exists when Albexpeditions issues a written booking confirmation after receipt of the deposit amount that is applied for a Tour. Albexpeditions request you to check your confirmation carefully and report any incorrect or incomplete information instantly. Please make sure that names on travel documents are exactly as stated in your passport. By booking a tour with Albexpeditions you acknowledge that this is an active holiday that may test your physical ability and may consist of demanding activities. By confirming your booking you acknowledge that you have the appropriate levels of ability, fitness, and good health to participate in the tour.

“Safety is First”, your personal safety is very important to us and it is essential that you advise us of any condition, medical or otherwise that might affect your or other persons enjoyment of the tour.

Prices we advertise are accurate according to the date published, but Albexpeditions reserve the right to change any of the prices from time to time. Before you make the booking we will give you the up to date prices of your tour including the cost of any upgrades, additional facilities, or supplements you have requested. Family tours are available only to those parties traveling with at least one child under 18 years of age. You must be at least 18 years of age to book a Tour. You agree to provide full, complete and accurate information to the Albexpeditions.

2. If you book on behalf of others

Booking on behalf of others you are the designated contact person for every participant included in that booking.

You are responsible for all payments in connection with your Tour booking, letting the Albexpeditions know for any changes or cancellations are required and keeping your party informed. You are responsible for the information you provide on behalf of another participant, verifying that the information you provide is complete and accurate and Albexpeditions will not be responsible for any errors or exclusion in the information provided to complete a booking.

3. Required medical information

Albexpeditions may request you to provide medical information and it is your responsibility to provide honest and true medical information. You may be required to complete a Medical Form provided by Tour Operator. If necessary, for your safety and running a safe Tour, Albexpeditions reserves the right to request further information and opinions related to your medical conditions. Medical Forms are mandatory for some Tours, you will be informed for that, this due to remote areas without access or specialized medical facilities.

Albexpeditions reserves the right to allow or deny your participation on a Tour at any time. It is at your own risk and expenses that your physical or mental conditions don’t fit for the Tour or your conditions represent a danger for yourself or others. We do not give medical advice and we highly recommend you consult with your doctor or physician.

It is in your own responsibility to assess and evaluate if a Tour fits you.  Tour Operator is not responsible for the ability and standards of medical facilities in the countries that a Tour takes place.

4. If you have special requests

Tour Operator will do the best to consider and evaluate your requests, but this might not be always possible to have a final solution due to the limited accessibility and availability to the services provided in the regions we travel. Dietary needs, dietary restrictions, all food allergies, or any kind of allergies cannot be guaranteed to have a final solution. The Terms or contract between you and Albexpeditions does not include any special requests or requirements. Albexpeditions it is not liable for any failure to complete and fulfill these requests.

5. Mandatory Insurance Requirements

You must have travel insurance covering all applicable dates of travel with Albexpeditions. This insurance must cover personal injury and emergency medical expenses. Your medical insurance must include evacuation and repatriation coverage. If you don’t have one Albexpeditions suggests you purchase valid travel insurance in Albania. If you do not have travel insurance valid for the whole Tour, you will not attend the tour. On the first day of the Tour, a representative from Albexpeditions will verify that you have valid travel insurance.

Travel insurance coverage is not included in the cost of any Tour offered by Albexpeditions. It is your responsibility to have travel insurance and to advise your insurer for the destination, type of travel and activities included in your booking, and make sure you have the right coverage. Tour Operator will not be responsible for costs you may incur as a result of not having valid or adequate travel insurance.

6. Tour flexibility and changes

During our Tours, we might need to be flexible. The nature of travel adventure requires flexibility and you will permit reasonable alternations to services or itineraries made by Tour Operator. Due to unpredictable events or circumstances that cannot be controlled by Tour Operator, schedules, activities, routes, equipment, facilities, and transportation can be changed without notice.  Changes can take place as well as a result of illness, strikes and political events, entry or border difficulties, mechanical breakdown, or Force Majeure. Services or events that are unused after departure, as a result not for Tour Operator fault, will not be refunds and discounts issued.

If needed and it is reasonable Tour Operator can modify your itinerary. If the changes affect the tour or services entirely for a full day or more (a “Significant Change”), Tour Operator will notice to you for any change as soon as possible. Changes that might occur due to circumstances that are beyond our control and as a result a Significant Change has happened you have the rights stated below.

a) Albexpeditions will contact you and you can choose to accept the change or having a full refund (you will pay for bank transfer fee). We do offer an alternative holiday that you can choose to do (if a holiday is a lower value, we will refund the price difference).

We will let you know and tell you the procedures, we recommend you to read any notifications of changes and respond us as soon as possible, in the case that you do not respond to us according to the timescale, your booking may be canceled. We will refund you except where the Significant Change has happened due to situations beyond our control, situations that cannot be avoided, and extraordinary circumstances.

7. Deposits

When you make your booking a non-refundable deposit as applicable per person per Tour is due to Albexpeditions, in the amount specified below. For any booking made 45 days or less prior to your departure date, full payment is required to complete the booking.

Active            150 EUR

Cultural         150 EUR

Family           150 EUR

Tailor-made   alternative deposit terms apply. Day Tours     alternative deposit terms apply.

My Tour Deposit:

If, in the case you cancel the booking, and the cancelation is not as a result of nonpayment or any other breach of these Terms, a Cancelation fee is held as a My Tour Deposit with the Albexpeditions. The My Tour Deposit has no cash value and only one My Tour Deposit can be applied per person per product booked. Only the deposit amount will form part of the My Tour Deposit. You can use My Tour Deposit in future tours booking anytime. You can only book a tour with My Tour Deposit that is equal or greater value to the canceled Tour for which the My Tour Deposit was applied. My Tour Deposit is transferable if you choose to transfer to another person by providing a writing notice to us.

My Tour Deposit can be used to a Day Tour and if the Day Tour price is less than the amount of My Tour Deposit, the unused amount shall be forfeited. My Tour Deposit is only used for Active, Cultural and Family Tours and does not apply for Tailor-made and Day Tours.

8. Prices

The price of a Tour will not increase after you made the full payment. Whenever you send money internationally, your bank will typically charge fixed money transfer fee and this fee may depend upon the bank that you’re using. This money transfer fee is not included in the tour price. Paying for the tour we expect you to pay the exact amount that this tour was priced. No other country tax will apply.  Country taxes are applicable and included in all Tours prices.

9. Cancellation of the tour.

You or a member of your party may cancel your booking by notifying Albexpeditions anytime you want. Our office must receive written notification from you or your travel agent. Cancellation fees will be charged and a specific ‘My Tour Deposit’ will be held in accordance with these Terms, and it can be refunded to the future Tour you book with us.

For Tour Cancelations these fees will apply:

Cancellation received more than 45 days before the relevant Tour departure, the deposit is transferred to My Tour Deposit and it will be refunded at your request.

Cancellation received between 45 and 21 days before the relevant Tour, My Tour Deposit will be held and an amount equal to 100% of the payments made to the Albexpeditions will be refunded at your request.

Cancellation received between 20 and 15 days before the relevant Tour, My Tour Deposit will be held and an amount equal to 50% of the payments made to the Albexpeditions will be refunded at your request.

Cancellation received less than 15 days before the relevant Tour departure, My Tour Deposit will not apply and no further refund will be payable, a fee with 100% of the total booking will be forfeit.  

If you do not notify us for the Tour Cancellation according to the days stated above and you will not show on the Tour, in this case, a fee with 100% of the total booking amount will be forfeit and My Tour Deposit will not apply.

Note: For refunds, the bank will typically charge a fixed money transfer fee and this fee may depend upon the bank that you or we are using. This money transfer fee is held to the total amount refunded.

10. If You Change your Booking

If the Booking Confirmation has been issued and you want to change your departure dates or accommodation, you must notify us with written information and we will do our best to make these changes but this may not always be possible.

11. If you want to transfer your booking

It is possible that you can transfer your booking to another person, who meets all the Terms applied to this booking, and a written notice at least 5 days before departure of the specified tour that the new person accepts the transfer and booking conditions.

12. Cancellation of a tour by Albexpeditions

Albexpeditions reserves the right to cancel your booking.  The cancellation will not be less than 3 weeks before the tour departure date and it can be as a result of Force Majeure, by your fault or negligence, or failure by you to complete the payments, or the minimum number for a tour has not been reached all these in compliance with the Terms.

If your booking is canceled by Albexpeditions we will contact you and you can choose: Full refund of all monies made for this Tour. You can choose an alternative tour with the exact price or if it is a lower price we will refund the price difference. You can choose an alternative tour with a higher price than the tour that was canceled, but you will pay the price difference.

Note: For refunds, the bank will typically charge a fixed money transfer fee and this fee may depend upon the bank that you or we are using. This money transfer fee is held to the total amount refunded.

13. Travel Requirements, travel documents, visas, health insurance

It is your responsibility to have your specified passport and visa requirements, health insurance, and other travel documents that might be required while you travel. If you cannot travel as a result of failure to possess any of the required travel documents, Albexpeditions does not accept any responsibility. Country/ies you visit can have very different laws and customs to those applied in your country.  It is in your responsibility to respect these laws and customs, make sure your behavior and actions do not offend their customs and traditions.

14. Customer behavior

If Albexpeditions or another person in authority before or during the tour, finds and evaluates that your behavior is disruptive, is abusive or threatening, you upset, disturb, annoy, damage property, or behavior that causes inconvenience, or put our staff or any other traveler in any risk or danger, or has an effect on others clients enjoyment of the tour, this made in person, or in writing, or by telephone, Albexpeditions reserves all the rights to accept or refuse you as a customer.

Complete and confirming your booking you accept that Albexpeditions tour leader or guide has the full authority on the evaluation of any situation that may occur during the tour to prevent you from participating in any part of the tour. Tour leaders and guides have a very respected experience to evaluate and to make a decision if necessary, we will make alternative arrangements and pay attention to your safety so you can have a safe and enjoyable holiday. Albexpeditions will not be liable refunding any of the missed activities and you may be liable for additional costs if needed.

15. Data Protection

In consonance with our privacy policy, we will use and process your data.

16. Understanding and accepting the risk

Some of our tours take place in regions with a different level of standards that you might be used to, including accommodations, medical facilities, hygiene, safety, transport, and different aspects of infrastructure. Services and facilities included in your holiday is based and related to local standards. In some places, standards can be lower than you would expect to be in your country. Booking with Albexpeditions you acknowledge that you have considered any safety issues and potential risks. You accept and take responsibility for all such risks and release the Albexpeditions from all causes and claims from any losses, damages, injuries, or death resulting from risks inherent in travel, and participating in activities included in Tour itineraries offered by Tour Operator.

17. Complaints and Assistance

If you need assistance and you have a complaint for any of the services included in your Tour, you must inform our office or your Tour Leader and email to Albexpeditions as soon as possible while you are on the tour, and we will do our best to put things right. Any compliment made after the Tour has finished for the services provided on your booking will not be taken into consideration and Albexpeditions will not be responsible. While you are on Tour and ask us to help and assist you, we will provide assistance if we can, for example, information about local authorities, health services, different arrangements to complete any hotel booking or local transport, or any need for email and phone calls. If the difficulty is your fault you must pay any costs we incur.

18. Liability

Albexpeditions tours may take place in regions where standards of safety, accommodation, hygiene, transport, medical facilities, and any other infrastructure may be lower than what you expect in your country. Completing your booking means that you accept any kind of hazards involved in this tour such as injuries, disease, discomfort, loss or damage to property and changes in the itinerary that can happen due to mechanical breakdown, border restrictions, sickness, political conditions or any other circumstances that are beyond Albexpeditions control.

During the trip, changes can happen in the itinerary due to weather, border restrictions, mechanical breakdown, sickness, political conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances. If we fail to perform any of the travel services of the tour stated in the Trip Notes for the respective tour, you must inform us without any undue delay, so we can fix and give the service according to your booking and the Trip Notes.

If a scheduled arrival and departure transfer are included in your booking, it is our responsibility to do it and take you to your hotel or airport. Our responsibility does not start before the appointed time when the group meeting will be held, and for any additional expenses incurred before that it is in your own responsibility. If your arrival is delayed you must inform us immediately and if the tour has started we do not take responsibility for additional expenses that occurred due to your delay and fail to join the group at the scheduled date and time.

19. Trip Notes

Trip Notes are posted and available on the Albexpeditions website and include the last up to date information about the itinerary and the Tour.

In the case that we issue Trip Notes for your booking, the Trip Notes and all the information contained will be considered to be part of the contract.