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Hiking the Albanian Alps

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Ways to travel:

Guided Group / Private Group

Group size:

5 – 16




Trip Code: TNAL

  • 3 nights hotels
  • 2 nights guesthouses
  • 2 nights mountain huts 
  • All breakfasts
  • 6 lunches
  • 7 dinners




Hike the best of Albanian Alps and discover the spectacular landscapes. 

This amazing country is very unique and one of the most astonishing best kept secret of Europe. Rugged mountains with high raise peaks, valleys and wild landscape are waiting to be discovered. After the collapse of communism in Albania in 1991 people got a chance to visit this hospitable country. Our trip is focused in the Albanian Alps also known as ‘Accursed Mountains’ with most known Theth and Valbone National Parks. We explore the remote regions where agricultural life has remained the same for centuries. Roughed terrain, historical and cultural factors created the right conditions for people to stay somehow in isolation through the history. Here in these lands ancient blood feuds and folklore mark its past.

Trip highlights
  • The amazing regions of the Albanian Alps
  • Theth and Valbona National Park
  • ‘Lock in Tower’ of Theth, the Blood Feud symbol
  • Gashi River preserved area, a UNESCO site
  • One of the best Ferry rides in Europe
  • Historical and cultural sites of Tirana

Key information

  • 2 nights in mountain huts, 2 night in guesthouses, 3 nights in standard hotels
  • 5 full hiking days
  • Group 5 to 16 persons
  • Countries visited: Albania

What is included

What is not included


DAY 1 

Start, Airport to Tirana

The group will be met at the airport and transferred approximately for 30 min to our Hotel in Tirana.  A group meeting will be scheduled in the afternoon for the main briefing.  Your tour guide will go with you through all the tour details and tell you all the things you need to know about this wonderful trip in the Albanian Alps. After the main briefing as we go for dinner in one of the traditional restaurants in Tirana we will do a walking tour of Tirana for about 1hour. This time it is not enough to explore all of Tirana, but we get an idea about the city and its history.

Standard Hotel

Meals included: dinner


Transfer to Theth and explore the surroundings.

Today we begin our adventure through the Albanian Alps (Accursed Mountains). We start with a transfer from Tirana to Theth for about 3 hours, on the way we make a short stop in Shkoder and continue our journey to the Albanian Alps. Today we explore the picturesque Theth Valley, walking through the village we experience local life as locals continue their usual daily activity. On the way we visit Roman Catholic Church built in 1892, Lock-in tower the locals name it “Kulla”, which has a magnificent and unique history of past blued feuds, it is the only one that remained in the area with a strong connection to the “Kanun’ (Highlands Law Code, locally known as “Kanuni i Lekë Dukagjinit”, codified according to the customary laws in the 15th century). Unused for its purpose for many years, we will be Lock-in tower guests for today. Following a marked path we visit Grunas Waterfall and continue back to our guesthouse. Tonight we stay and have dinner in a traditional family run guesthouse.


Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Distance: 7 km          Ascent: 290 m          Descent: 290 m          Activity: 3hrs

DAY 3 

The best Pass through the Albanian Alps, Theth to Valbona

This day is one of the most beautiful hikes in the Albanian Alps. Our trail goes up through the forest and alpine pastures, as we follow the trail we reach Valbona Pass, the highest elevations of our today’s hike, from where we take a few moments to enjoy the amazing views of Valbona and Theth Valleys. Picnic lunch with an amazing view overlooking the picturesque Valbona Valley, wide Valbona riverbed that goes along the entire valley, mountainous surrounding areas, alpine landscape and various rock formations. From the Pass we start descending until we reach Valbona River, and the rest of the walk is along the river bed. Valbona National Park is very remote and has a small number of inhabitants, as a result combined with the climatic conditions and the variation of the ecosystem has created the right conditions for a rich variety of flora and fauna all over the area.                        


Meals included: breakfast, Picnic lunch, dinner

Distance: 14 km          Ascent: 1050 m          Descent: 795 m          Activity: 6hrs

DAY 4 

Hike along Gashi Nature Park trail to Doberdol

Another beautiful hike today as we start with a transfer for about 45 min to Cerem. We ascend through forest and meadows with blueberries and might be the only ones following the trail. On the way there are characteristic shepherd huts located nearby the natural preserved area of Gashi and not far from here there is Doberdol, another great valley where locals are known for herding animals and have a special way of life. From Doberdol we can see the ‘Trekfufiri, a mountainous natural peak, where Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro meet in the highlands. In Doberdol and Sylbice, far from civilization without electricity and modern things it looks like life has stuck in the past. Living here is all dependent on self-sufficiency. We stop and stay overnight in Doberdol.

Mountain Hut

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Distance: 14 km          Ascent: 680 m          Descent: 405 m          Activity: 5h30min


From Doberdol alpine pastures, alpine glacial Lakes, to Sylbice

From here the trail starts gently ascending on alpine pastures mostly covered with blueberries, and on the way we can see the beautiful glacial lakes and reach Doberdol Pass. After the Pass we follow shepherd paths offering us fascinating panoramic views of Sylbica and the Albanian Alps massif in a far distance. We start descending until we reach the family-run hut in Sylbice.

Mountain Hut

Meals included: breakfast, Picnic lunch, dinner

Distance: 12 km          Ascent: 550 m          Descent: 700 m          Activity:  5hrs

DAY 6 

Hike Sylbice alpine pastures and Tropoja River to the cultural Bajram Curri town

We start today hiking through alpine pastures following Tropoja River for a while and then we follow the trail in the dense and impressive beech forest of Tropoja. As we ascend and enjoy the surroundings we stop in Ujeze where locals have their huts for the summer months. Lunch will be served in a shepherd hut with an astonishing view of Shkelzeni Mountain. After lunch following an old shepherds path that goes through the forest we descend from Ujeze alpine pastures to Padeshi and continue to follow the trail. After we finish our hike a minibus will be waiting for us and drive for 20 minutes to the town of Bajram Curri.

Standard Hotel

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Distance: 17 km          Ascent: 680 m          Descent: 1480 m          Activity: 5 hrs


One of the best ferry rides of Europe, to Tirana

After breakfast we start with a transfer for about 30 min. For today we enjoy one of the best ferry rides in Europe in Koman Lake for about 2 hours. This lake is one of three main artificial lakes in Northern Albania build during communisms for producing electricity and today producing about 70% of electricity in Albania.  After the ferry ride, a bus will be waiting for us to drive from Koman to Tirana (transfer for about 2h30min). In between, we stop for lunch at a restaurant nearby Komani Lake. In the afternoon we arrive at our hotel in Tirana. As we go for dinner we take a city tour showing the highlights of Tirana. We will have dinner in one of the best local food restaurants in Tirana.      

Standard Hotel

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner

DAY 8 

End, Tirana

There will be an organized transfer from our hotel to Tirana International Airport.                                   

Meals included: breakfast

Accommodation for this tour

Hotels (3nts), guesthouses (2nts), mountain huts (2nts).

Accommodation can be different than what you are used in your country. Considering that the Tour is organized in the remote regions of the Albanian Alps, you might expect that quality and service might be lower standards that those in the urban areas. We will spend 1 night in mountain hut, 1 night in guesthouse, 5 nights in 3-star en suite hotels. We have chosen this type of accommodation due to limited choices and most important for their location, character and traditional service. On this tour, we use small family-run hotels or guesthouse, except for the start and finish hotels, which are usually larger hotels with better service and quality. In the hiking and trekking regions they do not have elevators, air-conditioning or English speaking staff, but all family-run their business with a lot of traditional character and welcoming hospitality, clean, safe and simple accommodation.

If available, paying for a single supplement will only guaranty a room for single use.

If you request to book additional accommodation in Tirana before and after the tour, please let us know and we will make it possible. Please contact us if you want to extend your trip.

When you book a tour with us as an individual, for the accommodation you will be paired in a room with another traveler. 

Due to limited possibilities in the trekking areas for the accommodation, please read this Note.

Note: Single supplements are only available in hotels.     

In guesthouses single supplements are limited and sometimes not available; all the rooms are double or triple rooms, with shared bathrooms (triple rooms are not mixed sex). 

In mountain Huts single supplements are not available. Here sleeping is on mattresses on the floor, and multi person in a room will apply.

Essential Information

Is this trip for you?

Activity level: Moderate

This trip is focused on the north of Albania in the remote Albanian Alps region and includes hiking and trekking, culture, and sightseeing.  On this trip, we enjoy five full-day hikes of different lengths. This trip is suitable for the average hiker who knows the mountain and is prepared for some physical activity. Our itinerary follows good trails, but in Theth and Valbona regions the terrain can be rocky and slippery in parts. You should be confident in your ability to deal with heights as we will encounter some steep ascents and descents. Day hikes can vary from 4-7 hours activity, including stops.  To have access in these remote areas there will be some drives (transfers about 2.5 hours long) which are unavoidable in order to complete and have the best for this trip. Some of the areas are very remote; there will be two off road sections, and we will use local transport which in most cases will not have seat belts.                                                                                                                                                      

Luggage will be transferred by car and horses during the hikes, as a result hard suitcases are not suitable, only soft bags are useful

Visas and entry requirements

No visa is required for all visitors from EU, USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand passport holder.


There are no specific health risks for this tour


All breakfasts, 6 lunches and 7 dinners included.   

Two of these lunches are packed lunches.    

During communism, isolated to the world Albania became a self-sustaining country. Albania has a Mediterranean climate which creates the perfect conditions of natural and healthy growing of vegetables and fruits in lush fertile valleys, nowadays they are still a subsistence culture which has not changed for many years. Influences from other countries and a combining of Mediterranean, Turkish and European tastes has made that food in Albania is quite varied. Dairy product like milk, cheese and yogurt are present in almost every meal, and all locally produced. Drinks are reasonable priced and traditional drinks Raki and ‘Scanderbeg’ Cognac are known for its unique flavor and aroma. Local made beers are inexpensive priced at about 1-2 Euro per bottle.

Vegetarians are in the right country, this tour offers a lot of vegetarian dishes with a lot of greens and vegetables, please inform us before departure of any special dietary requests. 

Vegan diet should expect a limited variety of food on this tour.

Meals are included in this tour and Tour Leader will recommend different local dishes, in most cases meals can be organized by the leader or if you have other preferences than that you will be welcomed to do so. Reminder to you that in some places it is necessary to order meals in advance and stay organized. Having an experience with hiking areas and especially with the rich and variety of local dishes provided for us while on tour, your leader is the right person who can suggests and if needed choose and order a delicious meal for you. Eating healthy is very important and we pay special attention to this.


Albania has a Mediterranean climate and it is characterized by warm, dry summer and mild, wet winter. Summer temperatures are on average 25ºC and humidity is low, with temperatures in July and August that can rise to 30 ºC and above. Albanian Alps in the north have an annual precipitation from more than 2,500 mm to less than 760 mm along the eastern border. Winter is with low temperatures and heavy snow In the Albanian Alps. A typically Mediterranean climate shows in the coastal lowlands, and the highlands have a continental climate.  Weather varies markedly from north to south. Daytime maximum temperatures in the Albanian Alps can be, but the nights are almost always cool.


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Trip Notes

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