Hiking & Trekking Tours in Albania


Responsible Travel

Let’s make the world a better place.

We all must give our best to minimize negative social, economic, and environmental impacts. Traveling with us you make it possible to  generate greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of host communities. For us, it is very important to preserve the culture and heritage of the locals. 

At Albexpeditions we believe that our type of small group gives positive impact on tourism and brings benefits to the local community, help preserve the natural environments and wildlife. When we travel we provide real and positive social exchanges.

Responsible and Sustainable

The way how we operate the benefits goes directly to support the local communities, environment and wildlife. Traveling to different places helps improve people’s lives.

Creating more employment opportunities

Places we visit have local staff employees creating job opportunities for the youth and over the years job places have been increased.

Use of local resources

We always use local small businesses and services empowering the economy for locals. Food used in our tours is locally provided and in most of the places are grown in their garden, in this way the support goes to the local family and farmers so they can keep growing fruits and vegetables and gain economic benefit out of it.

Use of local services

Transportation used in our tour is all managed and provided by locals. Transportation is done by mules and horses as well, and we with the locals make sure that animals are carefully taken care of. Accommodation used in our tour is almost all locally owned and mostly family-run businesses.

Spend money

When you travel money travels with you in a direct, indirect, and induced way affect the economy for locals, communities, and for the country overall. It is very important for people to keep traveling, to make the world a better place, and to ensure continuing the cycle.

Respect people and local culture

Being a responsible traveler you must know when and how to respect cultural norms. We recommend you to research about the cultural norms and reading local authors for the places you visit. Respect locals in their way of life. We all must make sure: do never harm, but protect the vulnerable women and children when you travel to different places.

Minimize trash

Trash is really a big problem. Responsible travelers are aware that throwing trash in nature is wrong. Influence the locals to strengthen their sanitation and to get aware of their trash infrastructure, and do not throw trash on the roadside, rivers or mountains, everyone must put trash where it belongs.

Encourage locals to defend wildlife

Respect animals and their habitat, keep distance and observe. Make sure to cause fewer disturbances as possible.